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Perk Up Your Home by Making Over the Kitchen and Bath in Rockville

A bathroom remodel is a great way to increase your home’s value, and to give it a functional and visual revamp, just like with kitchen makeovers. The Huffington Post‘s feature article on bathroom remodeling gave useful tips for sprucing up your kitchen and bath in Rockville.

Respect the design plan
A bathroom is best planned around the people who actually use it. When designing for children, consider a double sink for faster completion of morning and bedtime routines. Adding a built-in or pull-out step stool to assist the little ones reaching for the faucet and non-slip tiles to prevent accidents are practical touches that kids will appreciate.


Tips for Kitchen Remodeling and Interior Design in Washington, DC

Has your kitchen turned out to be a poorly designed and outdated mess? Maybe it’s time for you to remodel. The year 2015 is set to bring in fresh and fun trends for kitchen remodeling and interior design in Washington, DC. Even if you don’t have a big enough budget to redo your entire kitchen, these trends will certainly make it look more modern and appealing.

Minialastic Designs are in
Isn’t it easier to move around and spend time in a kitchen that’s clutter-free, simple, and elegant? Many certainly seem to think so. Try open shelving with clean lines so your kitchen appears to be more spacious. Go the extra mile by showcasing your silverware and ornate dishes on it or lining up the shelves with jars and containers of the ingredients you use for cooking. Apply the same trend to your appliances and cabinets. This way, your kitchen will look sophisticated and organized.

Designing Space Illusion: Remodeling for Kitchen and Bath in Rockville

In this age of townhomes and condominiums where real estate in the Technology Corridor cities, are at a premium, one finds that next to closets, the kitchen and bath in Rockville apartments are almost always the smallest rooms in the house. Fortunately, there’s a trick or two out there that you could use to magically create space—or at least the illusion of it. In doing so, however, you’ll also have to pull out of your hat a dash of panache, because visual trickery, combined with flashes of oomph and style, can get things look just right.

Plants are life-giving ornaments that can easily change the look and feel of any space. Shade-loving and hardy plants are ideal in a small, windowless space, and need only to be taken out a few days a week for air and sunlight. Whenever you can, take home even a few stems of flowers from your garden or local plant nursery, and let them stand on a narrow fluted vase for that spot of brightness in a dreary corner.

Top Mistakes to Avoid in a Rockville, M.D. Kitchen Remodeling Project

Ignoring the “Kitchen Triangle” – HGTV-affiliated interior designer Linda Woodrum believes that this triumvirate composed of the sink, refrigerator, and gas stove should never be overlooked. For instance, the sum total distance of all the triangle’s sides should not be less than 10 feet and greater than 25 feet, or else the person working in the kitchen would find even getting some food from the fridge over to the counters tiresome.

Small-Scale Washington D.C. Kitchen Remodeling: Creating More Space

Freeing up more space is possible when you choose sleek appliances, as well as keep the counters clutter-free. Trinkets such as scrubbers could be kept out of the way but within reach through neatly tucked drawers. For spices, storing them in small tins and canisters would work best as they will serve two purposes: decorative and functional. Not only could the little containers be customized to blend in with the kitchen’s overall design motif; they’re also easily accessible when cooking.