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Washington, DC General Contractor: Beware of Countertop Health Hazards

Good old cleaning methods can still work, but some improvements will help eliminate a larger percentage of these unwelcome visitors. Microwave your sponges for up to two minutes as this is proven to kill 99% of germs. Always wash counters with soap and water as disinfectants don’t always work especially if the surface is greasy.

In addition to serving as havens for infectious agents, some countertop materials can emit radiation and potentially harmful gases. A safety-conscious Washington, DC general contractor is likely to advise you to replace your granite counter because it may be exposing you to radiation and radon, a gas formed from the radioactive decay of elements and which stone emits over time. The quantity released, along with radiation, varies between stone types. In sufficiently high concentrations, radon can contribute to the risk of lung cancer.


Washington, D.C. General Contractor Caters to Multi-gen Households

Indeed, the National Association of Home Builders acknowledges that as the U.S. population ages, home remodeling with seniors in mind is likely to be an increasingly common phenomenon over the next several years. For clients in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, this calls for the services of a reputable general contractor in Rockville, MD.

Whether the job involves a major kitchen and bathroom upgrade, a simple room addition, or modifications to the garage, clients can count on a leading contractor such as iDesign Interior Solutions to offer a wide range of quality products and services at affordable prices.

On Hiring a General Contractor in Washington, D.C.: Money-Saving Tips

Efficient D.C. remodeling contractors should know how best to remodel your house using quality materials and construction techniques. Then again, if you know how and where to look, there are always options that are both affordable and reliable.