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Chevy Chase Contractors: Plan Forward to avoid Remodeling Headaches

Everyone loves a bathroom makeover. After all, who wouldn’t want an opportunity to get the bath looking like new again? Before this labor-intensive experience turns into a nightmare for your Chevy Chase contractors, however, author Michael Franco highlighted what to avoid during the remodeling experience.

Make no mistake: remodeling a room, especially one as complex as a bathroom, is a LOT of work. It’s easy to get discouraged by errors that could add up, so it’s critical to avoid these common bathroom remodeling mistakes.


Top Mistakes to Avoid in a Rockville, M.D. Kitchen Remodeling Project

Ignoring the “Kitchen Triangle” – HGTV-affiliated interior designer Linda Woodrum believes that this triumvirate composed of the sink, refrigerator, and gas stove should never be overlooked. For instance, the sum total distance of all the triangle’s sides should not be less than 10 feet and greater than 25 feet, or else the person working in the kitchen would find even getting some food from the fridge over to the counters tiresome.