Small-Scale Washington D.C. Kitchen Remodeling: Creating More Space

Freeing up more space is possible when you choose sleek appliances, as well as keep the counters clutter-free. Trinkets such as scrubbers could be kept out of the way but within reach through neatly tucked drawers. For spices, storing them in small tins and canisters would work best as they will serve two purposes: decorative and functional. Not only could the little containers be customized to blend in with the kitchen’s overall design motif; they’re also easily accessible when cooking.


Contemporary Interiors 101 with Pro Washington D.C. Interior Designers

Bright, open, and clean – An authentic contemporary style interior boasts of wide, bright open spaces with a clutter-free ambience. To achieve this brightness, lighting is a huge factor, wherein recessed lighting, in particular, is a popular and ideal choice. In terms of defining specific living spaces, conventional walls are a thing of the past. For instance, the dining room and the kitchen could be separated by a lower half-wall, among others, to give the feel of a bright, open space.

D.C. Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Maximizing Space in Little Bathrooms

Efficient Washington, D.C. bathroom remodeling isn’t just for large, spacious bathrooms that could pretty much pass for a living room. If you know how to play your cards right, and you hire reliable remodeling contractors like iDesign Interior Solutions, you can always maximize space and make a tiny bathroom look much bigger than it really is.

On Hiring a General Contractor in Washington, D.C.: Money-Saving Tips

Efficient D.C. remodeling contractors should know how best to remodel your house using quality materials and construction techniques. Then again, if you know how and where to look, there are always options that are both affordable and reliable.