Designing Space Illusion: Remodeling for Kitchen and Bath in Rockville

In this age of townhomes and condominiums where real estate in the Technology Corridor cities, are at a premium, one finds that next to closets, the kitchen and bath in Rockville apartments are almost always the smallest rooms in the house. Fortunately, there’s a trick or two out there that you could use to magically create space—or at least the illusion of it. In doing so, however, you’ll also have to pull out of your hat a dash of panache, because visual trickery, combined with flashes of oomph and style, can get things look just right.

Plants are life-giving ornaments that can easily change the look and feel of any space. Shade-loving and hardy plants are ideal in a small, windowless space, and need only to be taken out a few days a week for air and sunlight. Whenever you can, take home even a few stems of flowers from your garden or local plant nursery, and let them stand on a narrow fluted vase for that spot of brightness in a dreary corner.


Washington D.C. Interior Design Pros Help Personalize Your Kitchen

So you’ve decided to give the kitchen in your Washington D.C. home that much needed facelift. It could well be a sound decision, considering that kitchen renovations, both minor and major, are consistently in real estate experts’ lists of home improvements that yield good ROIs.
It would be wise, however, to heed real estate and home decoration authorities who say that you should work with a professional kitchen designer instead of taking the DIY route, particularly for projects that would involve more than a few hundred dollars.

Washington D.C. Interior Designers Harmonize Starting Couples’ Styles

Combining two different styles may mean having to compromise to come up with one that would be acceptable to both parties. While this might sound doable enough, actually putting it to practice may not be easy. Harmonizing different preferences can be difficult for those with no professional training or experience in design, and could add to the stresses of transitioning to a life together. Worse, the absence of professional guidance can lead to an unsatisfying and disharmonized outcome.
To avoid this, a couple would be better off working with a professional interior designer in Washington D.C. who has the skills and experience needed to blend various aesthetic preferences into a seamless whole. Additionally, these designers can balance both aesthetics and function, taking into account the size of the living space, its location, and construction.

Washington, D.C. Bathroom Remodeling: Creating Your Mini Urban Retreat

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2012 Stress in America™ survey, less than half of Washington, D.C. residents surveyed report that they are able to manage stress quite well. So, what can a hardworking urbanite like you do to unwind each day? Find some quality “me” time in the bathroom, for one.

However, if your bathroom leaves much to be desired as a place for relaxation at the end of a long day, you might want to consider bathroom remodeling in Washington, D.C. that can transform this space into a spa-inspired sanctuary.

Washington, D.C. General Contractor Caters to Multi-gen Households

Indeed, the National Association of Home Builders acknowledges that as the U.S. population ages, home remodeling with seniors in mind is likely to be an increasingly common phenomenon over the next several years. For clients in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, this calls for the services of a reputable general contractor in Rockville, MD.

Whether the job involves a major kitchen and bathroom upgrade, a simple room addition, or modifications to the garage, clients can count on a leading contractor such as iDesign Interior Solutions to offer a wide range of quality products and services at affordable prices.

Some Unique and Clever Silver Spring, M.D. Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

There are a lot more clever ways to redesign a small bathroom the way skilled Chevy Chase and Silver Spring, MD bathroom remodeling specialists do. By combining some unique elements in fun and functional ways, your remodeled small bathroom could end up worthy of being on a magazine page.

Top Mistakes to Avoid in a Rockville, M.D. Kitchen Remodeling Project

Ignoring the “Kitchen Triangle” – HGTV-affiliated interior designer Linda Woodrum believes that this triumvirate composed of the sink, refrigerator, and gas stove should never be overlooked. For instance, the sum total distance of all the triangle’s sides should not be less than 10 feet and greater than 25 feet, or else the person working in the kitchen would find even getting some food from the fridge over to the counters tiresome.