Chevy Chase Contractors: Plan Forward to avoid Remodeling Headaches

Everyone loves a bathroom makeover. After all, who wouldn’t want an opportunity to get the bath looking like new again? Before this labor-intensive experience turns into a nightmare for your Chevy Chase contractors, however, author Michael Franco highlighted what to avoid during the remodeling experience.

Make no mistake: remodeling a room, especially one as complex as a bathroom, is a LOT of work. It’s easy to get discouraged by errors that could add up, so it’s critical to avoid these common bathroom remodeling mistakes.


Perk Up Your Home by Making Over the Kitchen and Bath in Rockville

A bathroom remodel is a great way to increase your home’s value, and to give it a functional and visual revamp, just like with kitchen makeovers. The Huffington Post‘s feature article on bathroom remodeling gave useful tips for sprucing up your kitchen and bath in Rockville.

Respect the design plan
A bathroom is best planned around the people who actually use it. When designing for children, consider a double sink for faster completion of morning and bedtime routines. Adding a built-in or pull-out step stool to assist the little ones reaching for the faucet and non-slip tiles to prevent accidents are practical touches that kids will appreciate.

Tips for Kitchen Remodeling and Interior Design in Washington, DC

Has your kitchen turned out to be a poorly designed and outdated mess? Maybe it’s time for you to remodel. The year 2015 is set to bring in fresh and fun trends for kitchen remodeling and interior design in Washington, DC. Even if you don’t have a big enough budget to redo your entire kitchen, these trends will certainly make it look more modern and appealing.

Minialastic Designs are in
Isn’t it easier to move around and spend time in a kitchen that’s clutter-free, simple, and elegant? Many certainly seem to think so. Try open shelving with clean lines so your kitchen appears to be more spacious. Go the extra mile by showcasing your silverware and ornate dishes on it or lining up the shelves with jars and containers of the ingredients you use for cooking. Apply the same trend to your appliances and cabinets. This way, your kitchen will look sophisticated and organized.

Quartz Countertop Favored by Top Interior Designer in Washington, DC

The countertop gives your kitchen a unique look and character. It also adds to the function and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. So if you are having your kitchen remodeled, do not leave getting new countertops out of your consideration. Any interior designer in Washington, DC will tell you that there many options for countertop material, each offering exceptional design features.

From granite to stainless steel, there are many ways you can remake the look of your kitchen. Other popular materials are wood, plastic laminate, marble, concrete, and soapstone. Normally, Washington, DC interior designers can help you pick one out which would work best for you, but if you’re looking for a cost-effective and exquisite looking countertop, an excellent choice would be quartz.

Washington, DC Bathroom Remodeling: Designing for Elderly Comfort

With their failing eyesight and weaker body coordination, aged people are prone to falling. In fact, a report noted that about 80% of these incidents occur in the bathroom. If you senior-proof a bathroom, the elderly members of your family won’t have to face this risk, according to a Washington, DC bathroom remodeling contractor from iDesign Interior Solutions. Below are the essentials of a senior-friendly bathroom:

Grab bars
When seniors feel they’re losing their balance, they tend to grab on to the towel rack, curtain rod, or sink, which aren’t usually strong enough to support a person’s weight. Have a professional install non-slip grab bars to make sure that the elderly are properly anchored.

Washington, DC General Contractor: Beware of Countertop Health Hazards

Good old cleaning methods can still work, but some improvements will help eliminate a larger percentage of these unwelcome visitors. Microwave your sponges for up to two minutes as this is proven to kill 99% of germs. Always wash counters with soap and water as disinfectants don’t always work especially if the surface is greasy.

In addition to serving as havens for infectious agents, some countertop materials can emit radiation and potentially harmful gases. A safety-conscious Washington, DC general contractor is likely to advise you to replace your granite counter because it may be exposing you to radiation and radon, a gas formed from the radioactive decay of elements and which stone emits over time. The quantity released, along with radiation, varies between stone types. In sufficiently high concentrations, radon can contribute to the risk of lung cancer.

Remodel Kitchens by Chevy Chase Contractors to Make Space Inviting

For a clean, stepped-up look, use only quality, upgraded appliances and materials, while blending traditional elements. Creative use of mirrored or tiled backsplash, vintage light switch plates in chrome or bronze, and antique fragments along clean architectural lines, among others, should be coordinated enough that an underlying unity beneath the details is sensed. Shelving, cabinetry, and storage can use professional design advice and installation from design solution companies, such as iDesign Interior Solutions—also serving Silver Spring, MD kitchen remodeling demands from residents in the area—to up the ante of kitchen aesthetics and functionality, while staying within their clients’ budget.